Normally for clients looking in multiple areas, “Discovery Tours” are multi-city or multi-location visits lasting 1-2 full days. They include a combination of visits to different towns or areas, including a background on each. Also suitable property visits to both properties for sale or rent, as appropriate. This is fixed-price covering costs (including lunch for up to 2 visitors) and time with a local team member, experienced in the local market. They also include all the preparatory work required to organise the visit, including coordination of multiple local partners based on specific client requirements.

Feedback on this personalised manner of introducing the country and its regions to potential retirees, winter residents or investors has been exceptionally positive. Also without exception our visitors consider this the most cost-effective way of quickly getting an understanding of the areas and what each offers. As we always say, it also helps to eliminate those options which are not a match, or not to customers’ liking.

Booking the Tours

Contact us to book your Discovery Tours. Also book a minimum 1-month stay with us* and we will include a reduced-price 1 day Discovery Tour, either in the Costa Blanca or Valencia.

For those who are comparing Spain to Portugal, sign up for our Iberian Discovery Tour (see here for our Iberian Discovery Tour flyer), which offers a truly unique experience of five of Iberia’s top retirement and also investment destinations.

* Some locations and prices excluded, ask before booking.

We are quite energized. Peter has packed in two full days and we are out again now for another half day. We have looked at about 10 distinct submarkets. And we have collected a lot of detailed information. Peter and Anne have been taking great care of us. It has been a great use of time.

Toni and I were delighted with our “Discovery Tours.  Rui and Joao were both thorough and personable.  With their help we were able to narrow the towns we wish to investigate further to four, and to prioritize preliminarily the desirability of each in only two days!

My hat’s off to you for the tour concept, and for your wise choice of these two men to execute it.

The tour we took was very enlightening. Visiting the different towns gave us a first hand feel of the areas.  Seeing the apartments in person was a great opportunity.  Pictures are great but this allowed for a broader perspective.  The tour was so valuable.  We came away feeling confident in our decision to eliminate certain towns and put our focus  right now on Praia da Luz and Lagos.

Joao was a wonderful guide.  Having grown up in Algarve he had a wealth of knowledge.  We asked a lot of questions and he was gracious and patient in answering.

Joao also listened to  what we  liked or disliked about the apartments and towns and adjusted our tour accordingly.  What a bonus!  This allowed us to experience Praia da Luz  a little more instead of touring apartments he had lined up that he knew were not of interest to us.

Having a personal tour worked for well for us.  It was a great decision. Thanks for everything.

Your knowledge and experience means we have someone who can walk us through this process (of investing abroad)

We really enjoyed the whole process. We are extremely grateful because it has been amazing.


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