Many of today’s seniors or retirees are independent, active and autonomous. Most wish to choose a location and independent living accommodation which is consistent with their preferences and interests. As a result of increasing requests from customers, Spain Senior Living has a varied list of independent living options in the Costa Blanca and the coast of the province of Valencia. These include long-term and permanent rental accommodation. Through select partnerships, this reach also includes part of the Costa del Sol. We often also act as search agents to help clients locate their ideal accommodation.

Choose from 1 and 2 bedroom sea-front and city centre apartments, single storey bungalows in quaint locations or typical Spanish villages, or 2 or 3 bedroom villas where family can visit. We also offer options for those with pets, and specialist options such as accommodation on golf courses.

If you do not find something among our broad range of options, or if you are new to the country and do not know in which region you wish to rent. We can offer a fixed-price multi-region visit and property viewing service, as well as a paid sourcing service.

Based on your specific criteria, we will create a short-list of the regions and locations that most closely match your criteria. We will then present a property short list in each region. This means we work for you to find the most suitable alternatives.

In addition to the broad range of rental-based options, please also see how we can assist you with buying a property.

Many clients rent before they buy and you can use this page to see whether renting permanently or before buying, is right for you.


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to see how we can help you achieve your dreams