Spain is very well positioned to become a leading retirement haven in Europe. If Portugal, its next-door neighbour, has achieved notoriety among retirees as a great retirement destination. Then Spain can undoubtedly use its status as the premier tourism destination in Europe to become a leader in retirement living. Spain already has the advantage of having more demographic-specific accommodation available. Alot more than many other southern European countries. We will talk about the pensions regimes.


Pensioners from many countries have become tax-resident in Spain. Although Spain is not among the world’s best tax regimes. The overall quality of life and lower cost of living is seen as much more important by most who move to the country.

As we are not authorised to provide tax or similar advice we would always, after an initial analysis of your requirements, refer you to one of our panel of tax and retirement specialists to ensure that you have at your fingertips years of experience in the field of retirement to Spain, and all its associated implications.


Linked to the subject of retirement is the need to understand whether and how your pension can be paid outside your country of origin. This may require the set-up of compliant structures, approved by the pension service at source.

We are typically able to organise for our clients a free professional assessment of your personal situation. We will assign you with one of our specialist partner firms. These specialist firms are also able to indicate which revenue categories might benefit from a tax saving.  In the context of the double tax treaty which exists between Portugal and the respective country from which the revenue stems.


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