The Costa Blanca south is completely different to the Northern Costa Blanca. Also probably the largest mass tourism destination in Spain, and one of the largest in the world. The mass of undifferentiated inventory means that for many new arrivals, the reaction is likely to be negative. With some exceptions, this is the territory of cheap, densely constructed real estate.

In this region, buyers and foreign residents are comprised of north Europeans looking to buy on a budget. In the main, the audience places greater importance on price and easy access to the sun, over authenticity. As a result, “communities” of British, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish and many others have each carved out areas where the same nationality has purchased in clusters, close to one another,. This has created areas of residents from different nations, each concentrated in a slightly different area. Activities, clubs, social activities, will all tend to be a replica of what these nationalities experience in their home countries, but in the sun.

It is evident from the sheer volume of real estate transactions that this is a region which appeals to many, different nationalities. The region cannot therefore be ignored in terms of its broad appeal, especially for buyers with generally lower budgets.

Those who choose this region should be prepared for high-density real estate construction and largely a loss of Spanish authenticity. However, price, easy access to the airport and good infrastructure in many cases offer an acceptable trade-off.

Visitors and residents to the Costa Blanca south should prepare themselves for summers packed with tourists, also an increase in prices of local produce and a dramatic increase in traffic.


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