We recognise that you may want the reassurance of owning your home in retirement. Many of our clients decide to invest in real estate or buy their dream home in the sun.

We are here to help you help you find your ideal home, but we do not take a purely passive approach. We help you to question whether an immediate purchase is the correct path to take, whether you would be better served by renting before buying, in particular if you do not know the country nor have a good idea of your preferred location, and even help you to work through some calculations of possible returns if you make an investment purchase.

From a very early stage we have recognised that the only way in which to offer true choice across the most popular regions, was to work with specialist local partners in each. As a result of this broad network of alliances across the Costa Blanca, Valencian coast and Andalucia, we offer excellent coverage of the country’s most popular destinations for retirement and investment.

Our extensive range of partnerships with owners, developers and local agents provides customers with a one-stop solution for their long-stay or permanent retirement needs.

Unlike franchised real estate agency networks, which tend to want to sell only their own listings, and local agencies who know an area well but do not have the bandwidth to move outside it, we offer the best of all worlds.

Moreover, we are increasingly acting as buyer agents, ensuring that clients get the benefit of our network and expertise and lowering the commissions associated with buying and selling real estate. Click here to see how we can act on your behalf in the search for and purchase of a property.

  • Clients have increased probability of seeing a wide variety of options in each location
  • Each regional partner presents the best options, we vet the proposals before compiling a short-list
  • You save hours trawling the internet for properties
  • You are only presented with properties which really exist and not those which have been sold or taken off the market
  • You protect your personal data from being used for years by multiple agents
  • If you combine your search with a Discovery Tour, which we recommend if you are not certain of exactly where you wish to buy, then you will be given very specific, contextual insights by an experienced local expert, helping you to decide about a property and a specific town or neighbourhood

Real Estate Sales Services

An often underrated or little-known aspect, we consider this a compulsory step in any purchase transaction where the funds for purchase are held in a currency other than the Euro.

At a basic level, use of a forex provider will typically save around 4% when compared to using your high street retail bank. Once a forex account is set up, it can also be used for regular transfers such as pension payments. Finally, with exchange rates fluctuations becoming an increasingly normal part of everyday life of international retirees, forex companies can program a watch to allow you to trigger a forex transaction at a time when the exchange rate is particularly favourable. Together these small steps can translate into significant savings. We are able to make introductions to some of the world’s leading forex companies

Whether it be preparing a local will, reviewing a long-term rental contract, applying for permanent residence or having someone represent your interests in a property purchase, we can recommend a law firm to assist.

In Spain, granting a power of attorney to a local lawyer will be essential to reduce time and bureaucracy. The POA must be granted in front of a notary and typically costs less than €100.

Opening a bank account is a practically necessary step for most people who have an interest in Spain. We recommend opening a bank account close to where your economic interest lie, and we will assist with relevant introductions to suitable banks, with account opening also possible via the lawyer power of attorney.

For our clients, we are also able to make introductions to mortgage providers and mortgage brokers.

The Fiscal Number or Número de Identidad de Extranjero (NIE) is a unique taxpayer identification similar to the US Social Security Number, the UK’s National Insurance Number and Portugal’s NIF. It is required for any financial transaction in the country.


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